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Fully Automatic Photo Enhancer

Who says you need loads of free time and expensive software to perfect your images? With a completely automated system, Photolemur gets you that epic result faster than any human being.

No Technical Skills Required

Revolutionary user interface crafted by a Red Dot Award-winning designer, Photolemur offers you the option to just drag & drop your photos and let the whole process of the photo editing be done by the technology itself. Forget about using sliders or complex controls.

Powered By A.I Technology

Photolemur 3.0’s AI brain automatically transforms your images from good to great by analyzing millions of details and instantly performing complex adjustments. No photo editing experience? No problem.

Batch Edit Photos In Bulk

Your memories are as precious as your time. Photolemur is designed to dramatically simplify batch image editing: enhance any amount of images at once, process RAW files, work with any volume of images. Photolemur takes care of the complex part, so you can enjoy the rest.

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🔥 Used By 190,000+ Online Marketers and Photographers

We've All Heard The Saying...

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"

You’ve probably heard this saying before. 

These days, pictures are worth much more!

Photos enable you to show your customers what you have to offer rather than telling them.

In this day and age, consumers need to see things for themselves before deciding on a purchase. The internet has made this increasingly possible, which means visual content is more valuable than ever before.

Don’t just tell your audience,

Show them!

Over 95 million photos are uploaded daily on Instagram

Over 350 million photos are uploaded daily on Facebook

Over 700 million ‘snaps’ are shared daily on Snapchat.

Over 3.2 billion images are shared every single day online.

You see, the stats don’t lie…

Great Photos Are An
Absolute Must
For Any Business

But, Here's The Problem... Making Great Photos
Takes Time

Just enhancing a couple of photos can take hundreds if not thousands of hours if you’re inexperienced with photo editing.

And, who wants to spend countless hours learning what curves and layers are? Not me. And I bet you don’t either.

Even if you hire a “know it all” professional photo editor it won’t come cheap, most photo editors charge hundreds of dollars per hour, and you’ll still be gambling with the fact that your photos might actually come out worse than they were originally.

If the thought of hiring a photo editor crosses your mind, remember: your photos represent your business. Low-quality unprofessional photos will communicate the same about your business and the products and services you offer. Your images are highly important when it comes to making the first impression to your customers and viewers. Don’t skimp on them!

Ok, so the point is, literally everyone is using photos.

However, millions of great photos never get shared or even looked at twice.


The simple reason is, these photos don’t stand out from the crowd.

So what makes a great photo stand out?

Well, look at these before and after photos, and you decide… which one of these photos would you share?

Let’s Face It ...

Everyone Deserves Great Looking Photos

That's why over the last three years, our team has developed Photolemur, the first automatic photo enhancing software powered by artificial intelligence.

Photolemur is ridiculously simple to use and anyone, with any knowledge, or no knowledge at all, can now easily enhance their photos, in fact, ALL of their photos, in literally 30 seconds or less with just three quick mouse clicks


Great Photos Automagically

The world's first fully automated photo enhancer that makes all your images great automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Photolemur is the world’s first fully automated solution for creating perfect photos. It works on Mac and PC, automatically analyzes and perfects your images, and doesn’t require any manual involvement.

Photolemur is designed for anyone who uses photos. Just drag, drop and leave the rest to Photolemur, which will enhance them beautifully using artificial intelligence, smart tech and a bit of magic.​

Jaw-Dropping Dazzling Photos Is As Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Step #1

Drag & Drop Images

Drop one or many images of any kind into the Photolemur app.

Step #2

Watch The Tech
Doing Its Magic

Photolemur’s powerful smart engine starts to analyze and process your images. Watch the magic of the process.

Step #3

Define The Final Look
Of Your Photos

Control the enhancement opacity with the new smart slider.  Just drag the smart slider in each photo to get a glimpse of what Photolemur will do for you.

Epic End Results, No Expertise Needed!

Let Photolemur become the artificially intelligent, virtual assistant who loves you. After analyzing over 700,000 photos before it was launched, it knows just which part of your photo needs to be fixed for that perfect end result. Photolemur takes care of the complex part, so you can enjoy the fun stuff. Plus, it gets the job done lightyears faster than any human being.

Get Instant Access to Photolemur Agency License Right Now!

Photolemur 3.0 - Agency License | First Automatic Photo Enhancer Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Watch As We Effortlessly Enhance Photos In Seconds With Photolemur…

Photolemur Enhanced Photos Work In All Of Your Favourite Programs...

Plus Direct Plugin Integration With:


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Lightroom


Apple Photos

Since Photolemur’s initial launch, it has analyzed 1,000,000 images, created by all kinds of photographers: from seasoned pro gurus to travel enthusiasts, who use smartphones and action cameras to capture the world around.

Photolemur Is Loved By More Than 190,000 Photographers & Marketers Of All Kinds And Ages

Join our rapidly growing tribe of global photo lovers who automatically elevate their images with the intuitive power of Photolemur.

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How Does Photolemur Compare To Traditional Image Editors?

Photolemur is designed for anyone who uses images in their marketing, but who doesn’t want to spend time and money on photo editors. Unlike other tools, Photolemur does everything automatically, eliminating the need for manual controls and hours spent enhancing photos. It doesn’t apply presets to your photos, but analyzes the pixels and performs the necessary unique adjustments.

Photolemur At A Glance

Photolemur AI Photo Enhancer

Powered by A.I Technology

Photolemur 3.0’s AI brain automatically transforms your images from good to great by analyzing millions of details and instantly performing complex adjustments. No photo editing experience? No problem.

Batch Processing

No need to go one-by-one. Perfectly and easily enhance numerous photos at once. Imagine, charging a client with 1000 photos a dollar per photo. Then, simply drag and drop them all inside Photolemur, click a button and in mere minutes make fail-proof profits.

photolemur batch processing
Photolemur Raw Files Support

RAW Files Support

Outstanding results can be achieved with RAW files from over 900 camera models. Anyone using multiple cameras or devices can be confident of hassle free photo editing.

Multi-Format Support

All popular image formats including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD and others. No need to spend countless hours converting photos or harassing clients for particular file-types.

Photolemur File Formats

One-Button Interface

Photolemur’s streamlined interface enables you to effortlessly import your images and let the innovative algorithm takes care of everything. It is possible to select the extent of enhancement you would like for each image using our smart slider, and you can turn on or off specific tools such as our Eye Enlarger or the Auto Lens Correction. Otherwise, the only action you take to get the desired results is a click of an export button. Easy as that.

High-Speed Export

Photolemur’s processing is 85% faster than any other tool on the market.

Social Sharing

Facebook, Twitter and Flickr already aboard. Instagram, 500Pix and SmugMug coming soon.

Face Detection

Photolemur 3’s all-new Face Finish automatically smooths skin, removes imperfections, enhances eyes, and whitens teeth. It’s subtle but dramatic. Your friends and family have never looked better!

Photolemur Face Detection
Photolemur Windows Mac

Multiplatform Solution

Photolemur is available on macOS and Windows. Mobile and web versions soon to follow.

Instant Preview

Compare the original image and your final result by simply sliding the Before/After control.

Object Recognition

Photolemur is available on macOS and Windows. Mobile and web versions soon to follow.

12 Powerful Enhancing Technologies Inside

Photolemur Color Recovery Tool

Color Recovery

This tech makes sure your photos retain the bright, vivid colors of real life.

With most cameras (or wrong camera settings) It’s far too easy to lose the true brilliance of dazzling blues, yellows and reds — as well as every color in between. Automatic Color Recovery solves this problem for you by instantly adjusting colors to pop beautifully on screen (and, for that matter, on paper).

Photolemur Sky Enhancement Tool

Sky Enhancement

Automatically enhance sky on photo, make it more natural and vivid.

The elegant blue tones will be made even more distinct by the added sharpness of any clouds, planes, birds or other objects in the photo. In all, Sky Enhancement brings head-turning, striking colors back to your skies, turning an off-balance photo into an exposé on the true beauty of the heavens. If you were using a “traditional” photo editor, the same operation would take much longer.

Photolemur Exposure Tool

Exposure Compensation

Provides automatic Exposure Compensation, making dark images brighter and vice versa.

Photolemur Exposure Compensation automatically detects and compensates for inaccurate exposure settings that may have affected your photos. Due to variances in lighting and programming, digital cameras might not able to adjust exposure times correctly. Especially when taking several photos at once. Exposure compensation fixes this problem by slightly lightening or darkening the images to make up for the inconsistencies.

Photolemur Smart Dehaze

Smart Dehaze

Protects your images from the unwanted and unrealistic haziness or fog.

Photolemur Smart Dehaze automatically detects and removes unnatural haze, fog, mist, dust, smog or distracting unpleasantries in order to enhance the colors and overall beauty of your photos. At the same time, there’s no need to fear an unrealistic results, since Photolemur learns from each successfully corrected photo, Your stunning snapshots of the rolling London fog or the morning mist coming from around a mountain is carefully preserved and enhanced to be more breathtaking than ever before.

Photolemur Natural Light Correction

Natural Light Correction

Keeps the appropriate warm or cool tones to best represent the time of day.

Mornings, evenings, dawn or dusk — Photolemur Daylight correction takes into account the time of day in your photos and adjusts tones, exposure and contrast to bring out the natural colors and lighting of your real life moments. It adjusts perfectly for the proper elegance of the evening or the appropriate allure of the afternoon, allowing you to take back the true beauty of a sunrise you shared with friends or a romantic sunset on the beach.

Photolemur Foliage Enhancement

Foliage Enhancment

Compensates the lost colors on nature shots

Photolemur Foliage Enhancement automatically picks out individual trees, leaves and any other kind of plant or shrub and adjusts colors, sharpness and other features to bring the absolutely stunning natural beauty back to your image. Sunlight, shadows and branches are all taken into account in order to ensure the most true-to-life picture possible. Foliage Enhancement allows you to turn your routine autumn camping trips into gorgeous fall photo shoots without thinking twice about the time-consuming process of editing your surroundings.

Photolemur Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

If you don’t know how to enhance pictures with lots of noise, Photolemur has the answer and the right technology.

Photolemur Noise reduction automatically finds and removes unwanted digital noise that is most often created by slow shutter speeds in low light situations. Photos taken at night that might be otherwise ruined by flash are no longer ruined by salt and pepper noise. After Denoise works its wonder, Photolemur is able to further analyze and adjust the photos for the appropriate tint, color, exposure and other variables while maintaining and improving photo quality.

Photolemur Tint Perfection

Tint Perfection

Relive the feeling of your photos with the appropriate tint.

From cool autumn evenings to warm summer afternoons, Photolemur Tint Perfection automatically analyzes your photos to find the best tint solution — warmer or cooler — depending on several variables, including the image its and its composition. An appealingly blueish tint is saved for a cool scene on the porch at dusk, while the reds might shine through just a little bit more during a blistering summer hiking trip in the Grand Canyon.

Photolemur Face Retouch

Face Retouching

Detects faces and fixes imperfections

Photolemur Face Enhancement automatically detects faces, then works to clean up any imperfections or blemishes. From portraits to team photos to the random, unexpected group selfies - Photolemur is the perfect photo enhancer software. As the result you’ll get natural, healthy-looking skin on clear and vibrant faces.

Photolemur JPEG Fix


JPEG images are straightened from garbled mess back into a clean, clear and crisp state.

Photolemur JPEG Fix finds and corrects mistakes in JPEG images by suppressing compression artifacts to quickly improve the quality of pictures. Bring back as much of your lost crispness and clarity as is digitally possible while simultaneously cleaning up unwanted noise that was gained from an imperfect lossy compression process.

Photolemur RAW Processing

RAW Processing

Fix your RAWs without extra software.

With the RAW format support and the rest of Photolemur technologies you don’t need to worry on how to improve photo quality ever again. With the RAW format the rest of Photolemur technologies will give you even better results.

Photolemur Horizon Straightening

Horizon Straightening

Fixes curvy and crooked horizon, makes the “lines” look perfect

Photolemur Straight Horizon automatically analyzes and adjusts for any slightly off-kilter horizons or backgrounds. It can be hard to perfectly align a sunset horizontally, especially when there are no second chances to get that perfectly timed shot. With Photolemur these things are easy. Photo editing software for Mac, that instantly fixes wrong angles on your photos - what else is more awesome?

Photolemur Works With All Popular Photo Formats













The Best Part?

Commercial License Included

As a customer appreciation special, when you pick up Photolemur today, we’ll give you the commercial developer license absolutely free, with this license you can not only enhance your own photos in your own commercial projects but even offer enhancing services online or offline!

Photolemur Is Perfect For Absolutely Any Business

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in or what kind of product or service you sell. This will work for everyone that uses images in their marketing.


Social Media Marketers








Marketing Agencies


Local Marketers


Real Estate




Product Creators

Training Included

Even through Photolemur is incredibly easy to use, you’ll also receive full in depth complete step by step training on how to use and navigate throughout the software.

Future Support Updates

Your one time purchase includes future updates until our next major release. You can keep your Photolemur 3.0 and use it for as long as you want. You'll not be pushed to upgrade.

Get Instant Access to Photolemur Right Now!

You’ll Get Even More Special Bonuses As Well When You Purchase Through This Page Right Now...

Fast Action Bonus #1

Photolemur 3.0 Quick Start Manual

Even through Photolemur is incredibly easy to use, you’ll also receive full in depth complete step by step training on how to use and navigate throughout the software.

Fast Action Bonus #2

10 Best Ways To Instantly Profit With Photolemur

In this exclusive guide, we will go over the ten best ideas that you can do to instantly profit with Photolemur.

Fast Action Bonus #3

Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Professional Photographer

This all in one guide will show you how you can easily become a professional photographer in just a couple hours! Every aspect of Photography is covered in this guide to make sure your images stand out from the crowd!

Fast Action Bonus #4

2000 HD Stock Image Photos

A massive collection of over 2000+ royalty and copyright free stock image photos. All photos are delivered in JPG format and are 100% compatible inside Photolemur plus they will work with the Photolemur batch function so you can easily enhance all of these photos and use them inside your multimedia projects. These photos come in a range of different themes and are perfect for any niche or business.

Fast Action Bonus #5

Ultimate Vectors Ace

Ultimate Vectors Ace is packed with over 2800+ vector and clipart graphics that are distributed into more than 50+ categories. Ultimate Vectors Ace is compatible with many different photos and video editing software, you will receive both SVG and PNG format so you can easily add them inside your favorite program.

Fast Action Bonus #6

Stock Footage Ultimate Ace

Stock Footage Ultimate Ace V1 is an Extraordinary Bundle of High Quality Stock Footages Packed with More than 600 High Definition Stock footages organized into various easy to navigate high demand categories. High quality stock footage assets can cost an arm and leg in today's market but with the Stock Footage Ultimate Ace bundle you can have access to more than 600 Stock Footages at an insane low price!

Fast Action Bonus #7

Whiteboard Graphics Ace

Whiteboard Graphics Ace Volume 1 features a massive collection of over 2,500 whiteboard SVG graphics divided into over 44 unique categories. A majority of the graphics are character graphics in a range of dynamic poses. Each graphic comes in 3 styles; outline, black & white and color. The graphics come in both SVG and PNG format so you can easily import them inside nearly all photo and video editors.

Fast Action Bonus #8

Vetical Stock Videos Ace

Everyone has a social media app installed on their smartphone these days, this means that vertical videos are the future. Vertical Stock Videos Ace features a collection of 30 high-quality vertical stock footage videos that can be used inside all of your social media posts.

Fast Action Bonus #9

Photolemur Graphics Bonanza

The Photolemur Graphics Bonanaza Includes a collection of over 1000+ high-quality done-for-you professional graphics designed by our in-house graphics designing team. These graphics have been categorized into 100+ unique and diverse categories.

Fast Action Bonus #10

Cinemagraphs Pro - Cinemagraphs Creation Guide

Cinemagraphs are hot in all of the social platforms. This course will cover understanding the use of cinemagraphs and how to use PowerPoint to make your own cinemagraphs. With this course, you can finally easily and quickly create your own alluring cinemagraphs!

Fast Action Bonus #11

Animals Photos Ultimate

Huge collection of animals stock photos in a diverse range of categories and niches. Use these cute and adorable animals photos to engage your prospects and to easily increase your CTR and conversions for any niche.

Fast Action Bonus #12

Premium Footage Packs V1

A collection of three unique footage packs, Sports Footage, Medical Footage, and Blood Testing Footage. All footage has been licensed from premium sources and sells for anywhere between $99 to $299 for each individual video clip.

Secure Instant Access To Photolemur And Lock In Your Special Discount

Photolemur Personal License

Commercial Use - Valid For Activation On One Device

Agency License

Commercial Use - Valid For Activation On Five Devices

Exclusive Launch Price Only – Price Can Increase At Any Time Without Notice

Photolemur 3.0 - Single License | First Automatic Photo Enhancer Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Commercial Use - Valid For Activation On One Device

Exclusive Launch Price Only – Price Can Increase At Any Time Without Notice

Photolemur 3.0 - Agency License | First Automatic Photo Enhancer Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Commercial Use - Valid For Activation On Five Devices

190,000 Happy Customers

24/7 Dedicated Support

Money Back Guarantee

Full 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

One Time Payment

You own the current version forever

Secure Checkout

Verified & Secure Checkout via JVZoo.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind Photolemur and offer a iron-cast money back guarantee.  

We will refund your purchase within 90-days from purchase  if you face any technical software issue which we don’t solve for you. 

We do not offer no-questions asked refund policy. You will need to provide a valid reason for submitting a refund request.

Get Instant Access to Photolemur Agency License Right Now!

Photolemur 3.0 - Agency License | First Automatic Photo Enhancer Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Photolemur?

Photolemur is an absolutely automatic photo enhancer that uses Artificial Intelligence to apply all the enhancements your image needs, on its own. All you have to do is to import your image to the app, and the photo enhancer does everything else automatically from there.

What is the differences between agency and single?

With a single license, you can activate Photolemur on one computer. The agency license can be activated on up to 5 computers. The agency license is not a reseller license and can only be given away.

What are the key benefits of using Photolemur?

Photolemur lets user get pro looking vivid photos without extra efforts and manual involvement. It is available 24/7, works day and night, processes dozens of photos at the same time and makes them look their best. What is also important, it saves time, as not everyone has a luxury to spend hours in front of the screen making photos look better in the traditional photo editors.

How is Photolemur different from other photo editors?

To make a long story short, Photolemur is the first truly automatic and universal photo enhancer. Other software solutions are not fully automated and still require manual involvement, they are not universal and don’t adjust to the specific type of photo, and many of the current "photo enhancers" don't even actually enhance a photo, they simply apply a filter that makes it look better. This may work for 1 or even 10 photos, but it will never work for many different varieties of photos, like Photolemur does.

How does Photolemur work?

Even though Photolemur is extremely simple on the outside, it is complex and remarkably intelligent on the inside. Its minimal, streamlined interface conceals exceptionally advanced, highly intuitive AI software. This solution is powered by a smart algorithm that analyzes millions of pixels per second, detects objects, faces, borders, tones, gradients and more, and makes the necessary enhancements automatically.

How do I use Photolemur?

To use Photolemur, simply drag and drop photo(s), or choose an image(s) using the ‘Import’ button. Then let the app complete the adjustments. After this is done, you can view the difference between the quality of the original image and Photolemur’s edit, using the special ‘before/after’ slider. To save the photo, simply click on the ‘Export’ button and choose any of the export options. Easy, isn’t it?

Is step by step training included?

Photolemur is probably the easiest photo editor that you will ever use, even if your totally computer illiterate, we still we have a 40+ page (4000+ words) easy step-by-step training manual that walks you through the in’s and outs of every feature inside Photolemur.

Do you provide support and updates?

We have a dedicated 24/7 support team if you need assistance with anything, you can contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help out. When you purchase Photolemur today you will own the current version forever. We'll also be updating it with some performance updates. You can keep your Photolemur 3 and use it for as long as you want. You'll never be asked or pushed to upgrade.

I purchased Photolemur 2.2, how can I upgrade to 3.0?

Please forward your Photolemur 2.2 Spectre JVZoo receipt to our email:

We will then instruct you on how you can get the newest Photolemur 3.0 with a special exclusive discount.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you experience any technical issues while using Photolemur and we fail to help you solve your issue we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Photolemur has over 190,000 happy customers and has hundreds of 5 star positive real reviews from photographers and marketers around the globe. Photolemur also has had multiple regular updates since it's originally released - you’re in safe hands!

Tech Requirements


MAC 10.11, 10.12, or 10.13
2 GB of free hard-disk space
2 GB of RAM
1 GB of VRAM


Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
2 GB of free hard-disk space 2 GB of RAM
1 GB of VRAM

600*800 pixels minimum image size

Get Instant Access to Photolemur Agency License Right Now!

Photolemur 3.0 - Agency License | First Automatic Photo Enhancer Powered By Artificial Intelligence

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